Sunday, May 27, 2012


[April 26, 2012]
After arriving in Sydney after our extremely long & exhausting trip, we started our day immediately.  First we went to the Hyde Park Barracks and learned about the convicts that were sent to Australia and the type of work they were made to do.  We also learned that they were punished for the strangest crimes including “wig stealing”! After that we visited the Australian Museum which was our first taste of aboriginal culture.  We learned about their style of art and how each picture tells a story!
The next day we spent at the Sydney Aquarium and at the Taronga Zoo.  At the aquarium I learned that some scientists in Sydney have been tracking individual sharks from satellites to tell where they have traveled over the course of a few years.  While at the zoo we got to see this amazing bird show that provided us with valuable information on many different birds!  I learned that one species uses a rock to break open an ostrich egg!
Kaitlyn Sterlace

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