Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

[Charlie's note:  we were at Lone Pine on 3 may.]
Today we went to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. At first I thought that
there would only be koalas.... I took the name literally and did not
look closely at the information we were given by our professors in our
journals (woops!). Needless to say though I was pleasantly suprised when we
arrived at the Sanctuary and I realized that there were koalas along with
kangaroos, platypus, tasmanian devil, and a variety of other animals. The
first thing we did at the sanctuary was check out a couple of the
koala enclosures and then we rushed over to hold a koala and get our picture
taken with one. We had been told by Dr. Jacobson that koalas were stinky
and not friendly, but we still could not resist. It is a bit funny to hold
a koala. You have to pretend that you are a tree and hold your arms and
hands as if they were a tree branch. The koala that Zac held was being
trained, so he got scratched and didn't have the best koala encounter but
the second koala he got to hold was more friendly. When it was my turn I
got a rather friendly koala, he was sniffing at my face which made for
some pretty great pictures. Next we bought kangaroo food and headed
over to feed the roos. This was a treat! There were so many of them,
and they were very friendly! We even got to see a baby joey. At first
he was in his mother's pouch, then he get out and struggled to
coordinate his jumping, and then we saw him climb back in the pouch.
To my suprise the joey climbed in the pouch with his feet sticking out
the top, not with his head sticking out! I really enjoyed the Koala
Sanctuary today, and am glad that we got the chance to come here!

-Kathleen D.

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