Sunday, May 13, 2012

First Free Day in Sydney

[Charlie's note:  the free day Kathleen mentions was 29 April.]
Today was our first free day. In an attempt to go swimming in the ocean we searched for a beach (we did not yet know that swimming in the ocean at this time of the year does not happen in Australia). We found out that there are two beaches close to Sydney, Bondi beach and Manly beach. After finding this out we headed to Circular Quay, where ferries to these beaches leave from, and checked out the shops, went to see the Sydney Opera House, checked out a couple street performers, and looked at some artwork painted by indigenous people. When we were done with all of that we decided to go to Manly beach so we checked out prices and times for ferries heading to the beach. Taking the ferry was fun, we got to see new places that we would not have been able to see just walking around Sydney. Manly beach turned out to be a very cute little beach town. There were a bunch of locally owned shops, a walkway that went along the beach, and an art gallery. If we would have been there at the right time we could have even seen little penguins, but hopefully when we return to Sydney we will be able to see them. After a couple of busy days it was nice to have a free day to take at our own pace, and Manly beach was the perfect place to spend it!

-Kathleen Dickinson

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