Friday, May 18, 2012

Palm Cove Beach - Free Day

Friday May 11, 2012, Palm Cove Beach – Free Day. Today we had a free day in Cairns, so we decided to venture out to Palm Cove Beach to explore and see the beautiful scenery. Palm Cove is a little village consisting of luxury resorts, spas, restaurants, shops, and bars. It's a nice tourist area where people can go to spend the day and relax. We took an hour long bus ride to the beach, and it was well worth our time. Here, we had a picnic lunch next to the beach, walked along the pier, sunbathed on the beach, explored the shops, and witnessed some beautiful landscapes. It was a great way to spend our free day and see more of the area around Cairns.

-Paige, Jordan, & Taylor Kent 

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