Sunday, May 27, 2012

Camping Experience

[May 20, 2012]
G'day from Sydney! Hey everyone, so we arrived back in Sydney on Sunday after one heck of a camping trip. We left Alice Springs bright and early loaded up in the van and drove for about 7 and a half hours until we finally arrived out in the middle of no where (literally!). Although I think we all were scared about sleeping in just sleeping bags and swags we made it! I really enjoyed the star talk Charlie gave us the first night- there were so many stars visible and I even saw a couple shooting stars. When Cooper got us up at "stupid o'clock" as he liked to call it we jumped right into the days activities. We did a lot of hiking the first day, and we learned a lot about Australian history. One thing I thought was really cool was the ipy ipy plant that could be used as a liquid band aid. While it may not seem like a big deal since we have this now, the Australians discovered this 30,000 years ago. Over all I'm glad I pushed through these long jam packed days because the view from the top of the mountain was absolutely beautiful! I think it's safe to say our first rustic Australian camping trip was a success! :)

Brianna Bender

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