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[May 1, 2012]
We took a bus from Sydney to Canberra.  This was a fun experience because it allowed me to see the area between the two cities and compare the trip with the train from Sydney to the Blue Mountains.  While in Canberra we visited the Parliament House and learned about how the Australian government has parallels with both the United States’ and England’s governments.  We also learned that the green and pink color scheme chosen for the House is based off eucalyptus trees and a specific variety of flower. 
Next we spent time at the US Embassy and learned what duties they have towards American citizens.  I learned that if I lose my passport I need to go to the US Embassy to get it straightened out so I can arrive safely back to The States!  They also offered us some very valuable information on a variety of internships and positions that are available through the government that would allow students to spend time in Embassies in other countries!
Our last evens of the day involved the ANZAC Parade and touring the War Museum.  Observing the ANZAC memorials gave me a further understanding of the pride that Australians feel for their country.  Additionally, it was an excellent illustration for the various battles that Australians fought in.  The entire experience was very humbling.  At the War Museum, we were able to learn about specific details from battles.  We saw a laser show that told the story of an individual fighter plane in battle!  Our group also got the privilege of staying for the closing ceremony.    
Kaitlyn Sterlace

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