Friday, May 18, 2012

Daintree River Cruise

Saturday May 12, 2012, Daintree River Cruise. Today we traveled to Daintree. When we first arrived, we took a river cruise down the Daintree River. On the cruise, we spotted many different animals. We saw Zooer Kingfisher bird sitting on a branch along the river. This was a bright blue and red-orange in color. We also saw a snake sitting in a tree. Then, we spotted a female crocodile swimming towards the bank where her hatchlings were resting. We were able to see how hard it actually is to see a crocodile swimming along the banks of the river. She blended in so well with the water. Our guide reminded us how important it is to never stand close to the water even if we can't see a crocodile. As we cruised farther along, we spotted another crocodile lying along the bank of the river. Then, we spotted one more hatchling that was lying on the end of a tree log down by the river. It was amazing to see the animals in their natural habitat.

-Paige, Jordan, & Taylor Kent 

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Mystery Girl said...

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